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Born RL in Milano, Italy, 1948, I now live in Brescia.

Medicine and psychology are my interests and profession, as well as arts, literature, philosophy, history, cinema, musics, theater, human and artificial intelligence, creativity, imagination, online help and self help.

Maps for Health in Virtual Worlds

The Project is to draw several Maps in the Virtual Worlds, such as Second Life and OpenSim Grids, on Medicine, Clinic, Care Giving , Health and Mental Health. Psychology, Psychoanalysis, with a particular emphasis on the Communication.

Centro Mimir (blog)

Caffe' Freud, in Second Life

The SL Group Caffe Freud meets every Sunday, at Antartica Bay (125,219,23) 9am SLT (Second Life Time, that is 18:00 Rome/Berlin)

Psicoanalisi, psychanalyse, psychoanalysis

A Group for discussions of all aspects of the interaction between Art, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Health and Communication: techinques, history in this century, proposals, men and women subjectively living, feeling, thinking, writing or reading, listening or working about, open to all people directly or indirectly interested on.


Maps for Health Mappe per la Salute (Flickr)

Second Life Medical Tourist

Snapshots from knoh oh

Second Life

Healthcare -- Healthcare Support and Education Mailing List