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Intro: Welcome to!

Me :-)

Friendly Greetings! My name is LightYour NightFire. Welcome to my first page on the Second Life® Wiki! :-)

To come back here, just remember my new domain,

Freebies I (will) Offer

This section will hopefully grow. You will be able to pick up your freebies at my place: Bruin (5, 137, 56)🖈

I'll be offering this badge shortly:

Great Blackout


This is how SL would look if we saw it in RL: <videoflash>flkgNn50k14</videoflash> (The only thing the video's missing are people wearing half-meter pine-wood boxes on their hands; heh.)

I want to make a video about how to handle Service Disruptions.

The lawyer made me do it

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