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Lilyana Muircastle

I blog, I goof around and have fun. In second life I've been a 1. human 2. neko 3. elf 4. furry and now 5 human again. Second Life is about not being who you are but what you want to be. Lily has blue hair in some fashion or another and that is her constant.

About Me

Joined on October 18, 2008 after seeing a television program about Second Life. Always sporting blue hair of some shade or fashion, I started out watching for a long time as others blogged about things they saw and experienced in SL. I became fascinated by the free/cheap world of objects and clothing and followed many blogs before joining as a co-blogger on one and starting my own. I always say that I'm a tiny fish in a big sea of people already established for years (because it's true.)

External Links

  • Blog for : Retail Therapy with Shay ~ This is the site that I started out blogging on that asked for writers and I was accepted. ^_^ Thank you Shay!
  • Free/cheap Blog : New2Sl ~ My own freebie, cheapie blog that I created after writing for Shay's blog for quite some time.
  • Twitter : @new2sl ~ Connected to my freebie blog
  • Photos : Flickr
  • Personal Blog ; Can you do it over? ~ My personal avatar's website filled with whatever comes along. No one reads it but I tend to it occasionally XD