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About me


I am from Germany, speaking german, english and french. I am participating in the CT-Project and did some translations of the knowledgebase. I love to help loclaize SL although the international touch is most important to me!

I love to mentor and I am very thankful to all the people that pushed me into it. I am good with the UI and got more than the basics in building and texturing but better refrain from asking me for any script-related stuff.

Besides being a mentor I am a Bus - Hostess. I took a little part in the creation of a book in german about SecondLife "Mit dem Bus durch SecondLife" (Touring SL by bus), published in autumn 2007. To keep the book up to date, there is a Blog with regular updates on all aspects of SecondLife. It´s in german but really, really worth a visit.

Useful links

Those are links I use when I am searching for answers: