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Moved the contents from Ning Page - it will be expired in the end of Jun, 2010.

I left Incorrigible. Thank you all!

About Bleatee, a half-goat

Two goats were born in the wild upstream as normal goats.
They lived in their herd peacefully, despite mess of nearby area, Incorrigible.

One day when they were playing, they were captured by hunters.
They were used as scapegoats for ritual against chaos came from nearby.
They were bound by people, and priest choose one as 'pure' one.
Chosen one was killed, and other one was released into the wild.

Released one roamed the bush until it was found by good girl,
who named the goat Bleatee.
Bleatee was kept by her family until the war occurred in nearby region.
They escaped, but the girl hid Bleatee in the cave,
where a few of supernaturals hid as well.

They pleased the goat and tried to turn her into human shape.
The goat's skeleton was straightened.
The head was changed into human one,
the hands and hands as well,
the breast was developed beautifully.

When they finished in changing its crotch, the soldiers flooded in.
They captured the supernaturals and took them away.
One of supernaturals threw the halfway goat behind crystal,
the soldiers left without finding it.

After their leaving, Bleatee ran downstream across the river,
at last she arrived Incorrigible.

Bleatee's past - Why she is afraid of ritual?

(At the bridge of gypsy camp holding ritual, Bleatee found Len)
Len Doghouse: Hello Corporal.
Bleatee looks at Len holding torch "Good evening, Sergeant... What are you doing?"
Len Doghouse throws the torch in the river to extinguish it. "I am guarding the bridge to the ritual going on in the travelers village."
Len Doghouse: Wanna keep me company?
Bleatee looks at the camp then shifts her eyes back at Len, "Ritual? ... yes I will"
Len Doghouse turns, "Follow me Bleatee."
Bleatee nods
(At the entrance of the camp)
Bleatee whispers to len "What are they doing at the atlar?" She shivers
Len Doghouse leans to wisper in Bleatee's ear, "I believe its a ritual to bring back someone...but not sure."
Bleatee: "Bring back someone.. anything will be sacrificed?" She shivers again
Len Doghouse kicks a stone toward the tent, "I don't know, just keeping guard and such - I will have to find out later." t hen turns to take his post near the bridge's entrance.
Bleatee blast out jinjer ale onto the river once
Len Doghouse walks across the bridge and motions Bleatee to join him.
(Back across the bridge)
Len Doghouse: Sit Corporal....lets enjoy the morning sun.
Bleatee: "I reminded my past.. and felt ill.. sorry" She looks at the sky "Morning sun?"
Len Doghouse: Well, the warmth of what the sun gives....I'm just relaxing.
Len Doghouse: So this reminds you of your past...I'm sorry.
Bleatee: "Hmm.. not too bad" She wipes her mouth with cloth, "Not at all.. I heard that magical people tend to do such a thing.. so.. okay"
Len Doghouse: To do what, bring back the dead? Is your past deal with seeing this or being part of it?
Bleatee: "I hope you won't be confused, but I was a goat. And once on the atlar with my brother"
Len Doghouse looks at her hoofs and goat like legs, "I would gather that corporal from your lower extremities."
then pricks a grass blade and puts it in his mouth to suck on.
Len Doghouse: Is your brother half goat?
Bleatee: "No, we were complete goat. And my brother dead as a goat"
Len Doghouse shakes his head, "I'm sorry." he then spits out the soggy grass blade to prick another one to suck on.
Bleatee continues, "In front of us there stood a man in white gown, having a thick stuff like Fenn's one.
He pointed my brother and the another man standing nearby bang down the axe on my brother."
Len Doghouse eyes open wide as he hears her story. He sits attentive and wanting to hear more.
Bleatee: ".. his cutted neck were put on the atlar, like the skull on the atlar in the camp.
I thought I would be killed as well but they released me in wild"
Len Doghouse lips pertrudes, "Wow."
Bleatee: "... I couldn't find mother herd there. I guess it was another wild I was captured... Anyway, I started roaming. When I was deadly hungly, a girl found me and she kept me in her house, making stable."
Len Doghouse turns his head, "So where you already half human at this time. Didn't this freak out the girl?"
Bleatee shakes her head, "Not yet.. It was later.. The peace in her family didn't last long.. A mess occured and they had to escape from there.. At first I would be left alone in the stable, but the girl secretly hided me into the cave nearby"
Len Doghouse: Oh, ok. Please carry on....I'm interested.
Bleatee: "She putted me the opening of the cave and she called by her mother and ran off... I had to walk in depth myself... where I found the several women. They looked like mage, anyway, they liked me. They put me on the atlar-like stone, I was very scared.. I thought this time I would be truly killed by them"
Len Doghouse looks over at the tents across the river, "Damn this ritual is taking forever." Len then reverts back to listening to Bleatee. "Mages found you...I bet you were scarred."
Len Doghouse lifts his leg slightly to pass gas, hoping Bleatee didn't notice.
Bleatee: "They were murmuring, and dancing around me, howls, rubs my body around... I felt my shape changing.." She wiggles her nose once "It was .. uh.. unprecedented"
Len Doghouse eyes seems focus to her every word, "You were shaping huh....that must've felt weird."
Bleatee: "After a while, I heard several footstep from the opening, women noticed soon after, and they became panic. One of them threw me behind the crystal, ouch.. That shit hurt"
Len Doghouse starts to chuckle, "Sorry, that is kinda funny...sorry corporal." He leans forward a bit and moves his torso side to side to stretch a bit. Bleatee: "Loud voices of men and women last for a little before deadly calm in the cave.. I found myself as you can see" She makes frowning face
Len Doghouse he looks toward her, "Well, as I can see you personality supercedes any faults, if any. I see a beautiful half woman half goat." smiles at her and pricks another grass blade to suck on.
Bleatee smiles "Thank you.." She chuckles at the grass blade, "Paper tastes better... "

Returning Home, and, Departure (Goodbye, everyone!)

It was when she backed from the one-month travel... Dating back to a month ago, she was looking at the river. She suddenly started walking up along the river and went out. A long walk before she found herself at some location in upstream, where she was born. After a rather long time from the wars, grass was glowing, flower was blooming, it was just peace. But she couldn't find her place in them. She was no longer wild being, she was with humankind for too long time. She then decided to back to Incorrigible. As soon as she arrived there, she headed to the garrison to prepare for daily patrolling...

What she saw was her emptied locker. Some of her belongings were found behind the garrison, and some weren't able to find anywhere. She noticed that she lost her home to stay in. It was natural thing - she had been away from home a month without saying anything. And it was army, which needed discipline and order all the time. She dropped her Sergeant badge on the remaining stuffs. She started wondering vaguely, paced up and down at the streets of two villages, went to the stable and looked at horses, which she could no longer ride on. She went under the waterfall and then walked up the path toward the gate of castle. No one there, since it was midnight. Yeah, she knew that people tended to hang about the infirmary - it was empty as well now. She walked down from upper-village, passing by tavern, which was empty as well, then headed to the former gypsy camp. She stood there for a while, reminding the ritual, which was hell for her because of her personal experience in young age. After that, she went to the port. She looked at Fiata on the opposite shore. It took a few minutes before she looks back once, to the flag over the garrison, and murmured herself "I have nothing left". She at last drops her eyes toward the ship, and passed 200 droks as deposit to sailor, headed up and made a smile and says "Just go ahead, like pirates". The ship set off, grew smaller and smaller, and at last, sank beneath the horizon.