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Mako in Toxia

  • Race: Traditional Witchcraft ( NOT Pegan )
  • Age: Hidden (It is said that she is in madam age)
  • Professional: Ex-officer of Ministry of Magic, currently Coven Elder

Mako's Story 1 : Why She Came to Toxia?

Mako was born in Thavron, in 19XX. When she was studying at Academy of Witchcraft, she was scouted by the tutor who was the top of "Floo Network Authority in Ministry of Magic" at the time. It was an organ of governing so-called network which made by wind and heat. She successfully advanced her career to the chief of registry.

Every summer they offered internship program for the student of Academy, in which they demanded the expectants from interns. In 2010, one of a splendid student was emerged. Mako and her boss totally welcomed him. For first two months, he showed great performance they have never seen. But one day, with a month to finish the program, the intern suddenly vanished. "He might be worthy of a better organ... We have no choice." Mako and her boss let go of that now knowing it would bring the worst outcome...

Three days after, because the day of maintenance once a month, Mako and her boss entered the network management room only officers could come in. Then, the vanished intern appeared to our presence. "Why you are here? What are you doing here?" He grined "That beats me." Mako suddenly realized that he is a puppet of "Mith Thol"; it is a dark-organization avariciously attempting to dominate the magical world, just before her boss's soul was breathed into his hand. "What's the big idea!?" She couldn't help but yell at the intern getting her arms around her boss's cold body. In that instant, he put a letter into central stove, it had been used for broadcasting the authorities’ important letter to every home. In the letter, it is subscribed as follow:

"Mako abused the official power and confined one of intern with a future. After burning by the flame of Wyburn, She and her family ate his body."

As quick as a flash, her family was caught by the party of the Ministry of Justice, and they are now under ward. Mako escaped narrowly from Thavron by the help of the people who trusted her despite the fake letter. She changed her name Serafina.

She have nomad all over the world for about three decades before she drifted down to Toxia with the aid of a map made in 2000. She had heard from her boyfriend who is idiosyncratic maggle scientist that there was a famous chemical factory which handles various materials. He also told her that there was special material called 'Orynum' which might be able to carry object more far and more secure than floo network. But Mako was ignorant about chemistry so the knowledge went in one of her ear and out the other. As soon as taking her first step on Toxia, she went to the factory from curiosity. But only she saw was destroyed building with few cyborgs. Then she went to the library. There was a librarian called Dom. She asked why the factory is destroyed. He gave her a handout about the factory's history revealed from their research. However, she felt it is safe to settle for a while in Toxia because it was forlorn and it is now off the map.

One day after several days, Mako passed in front of the shop named Voodoo Shop. She saw warm light and some people speaking lively through the window glass. She was standing outside the shop while recalling the shop of Thavron. Next day, a battle started so she ran into the shop. There, the herb was put in the bottle respectively and exhibited. The herb - Mako loved to put the herb in the whisky and the tonic water and to drink. She gazed at them before Pix came into there. She explained circumstances. Pix and Gloriana welcomed Mako warmly. Mako reverted her name and decided to live in there.

Though "To study magic" is the official reason, the herb is actually the reason why she is in Coven. She sometimes picks up for a moment and conceals it in the cuff when there is none of Mystic.

Mako's Story 2 : Silly Enthusiasm at Toxic Fluid

Two months have passed from Mako settle down in voodoo shop. She worked for coven and drunk her favorite whiskey every day. She was getting used to the new region called Toxia. But one day, she receives a pigeongram. Carrier died as soon as she received it (Many carriers died before she receives a pigeongram as usual. If carrier died and it has pigeongram, the pigeongram will burn and no one can read it.). He only wrote: "I want to meet to you. I miss you. " I no doubt went to mainland forgetting she was pursued by "Mith Thor".

At the mainland Mako and her boyfriend caught up each other. She told him that the chemical plant in Toxia was blown off. - She didn't tell him where she actually lived - He was worried that normal toxic fluid is too week not to hold packets (object to send, voice, etc..). He passed Mako a tiny book had be written by him.

For a while they talked about different subject. In course of story, Mako takes her vial filled with toxic monster's blood which she had collected during her coven duty. It aroused his interest. He pulled out a set of analytical equipment from his medic bag and analyzed the blood. He raised his face to Mako and say,

"Oh.. My thesis might be true.. I think that if toxic is cultivated in organic body, it will have enough strength to hold packets. But this blood is monster's one. I tested hundreds animals as agency, but all of them died within a week. I wish I found the way to breed toxic in organic body safely.."

After Mako backed to Toxia, she always thought about that. She turned the pages of the tiny book, but she was not making any sense. She went to library and borrowed the books about chemistry and biology to understand the tiny book's contents. And she thought based on the library books and experience in Toxia. Constant rain causes flood, so she abandoned her duty as diplomacy on the ground of that and read those books and his article all the day.

When the rain was cleared up and water was removed, she found the way to introduce toxic into the body.

Mako first went to library and returned the book she has borrowed to the librarian, Joah. Then she went to the plant, where she got two drum cans of chemical fluid from the Continuum member, Meg. At first time, she intended to buy them with money, but they had a deal, so she could get them for free. But she also needed some manpower to carry them. She left the plant and looked for labourers. First, she sought in the library but there were only few men who can carry only few thick books. Then, she went to Heaven where she found a Rider woman. She asked for help but the woman was suspicious and refused. She became realistic about that, and she decided to hire some rogues with money. Two offered for this job. Then Mako headed back to the plant taking along them.

Mako wrote IOU, and then Meg and Seto as witness signed it.


I, Mako Nozaki, Coven, was given drums of toxic potion from Meg Ronmark, the Continuum, October 18th. And I agreed to that in the future I'll help TC when they are in the situation where the magical help from Coven is definitely needed. Period.

signed (borrower)_Mako Nozaki_

(lender)_Meg Ronmark__

__Seto Kitsumoto__(witness)


Meg copied it and passed the copied one to Mako. Mako received it and Syndel opened the cage and effortlessly pulled out two drums. Mako told the two labourers to carry them. They started rolling the drums. Mako and Nerissa who came there later led the two to the voodoo shop. At the front of the shop, Mako paid them each 150L$. Then she and Seto carried the drum cans into the shop and placed it at the corner of dark room.

Next day Mako went to the dark room with Nerissa, Seven, Morgaine and Cal. Mako explained to them that she wanted to absorb the fluid at once. Then she asked them for help compressing the fluid into a drop. Most of them were surprised at her incredible story, but they used their own magic to do it. Seven hold the can not to move off, Mako made wind barrier around can, and finally Nerissa unbounded her demonized power. The can of fluid turned into little amount of jell.

Mako took jell into a bowl and bring it toward backroom. "If I drink them, my body makes antibody before digestion into blood... Absorbing through the skin might works as same and doesn't work well.. How about injecting blood directly?" She took off all of her clothes and laid on the lag. "Anyone injure my neck?" All of the elders were surprised again at her words "You want us to cut your throat?" She replied "Yeah, It is nearest the arterial."

Morgaine tapped Cal on the shoulder and Cal nodded slowly and clicked the blades forward before stopping and glancing back to Morgaine. Cal bit her lip, looking apprehensive. "Sorry Mako..." Cal gripped the dagger and leaned down, cutting at the jugular lightly and quickly before drawing back, staying close just in case she had cut too deep. Mako broken out in blood from her neck, Mako was in an almost faint, "Jell..."Cal frowned and reached for the bowl, looking at the gel before looking down to Mako. Cal quickly turned the bowl, making sure not to get some on her, pouring it on the wound. Mako's skin gradually turned to green. And Mako's hair bleached into gray.

Mako became mutant.

At first Mako didn't notice that she was changed her appearance. "Am I truly green?" Mako said before looking her arms and screamed "Green!" She felt herself no change in herself except she lost her wind magic. She will notice she has another ability in near future..

Mako's Escaping

In empty room in voodoo shop, there was a figure. It had white hair, and white gown. Mako looked around, then quickly picked up her belongings from crates upstairs, then downed the stair and opened the cupboard besides the lab desk, and picked a bottle with brandy, which was given by Cal, and stood up.

Mako wrote the letter. It says,

"Mith Thol is approaching here. It means I am in physical danger. Thank you for housing, and keeping me in for over a year. If I can secure security and stability, I'll come back. Be well. And good luck!"

"Thank you everyone" Mako left the words in cellphone, and threw it and armband in toxian sea. The ship set off, and then, all is blue.