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Welcome to my UserPage! My name is Maxus Hastings and I have been a resident of SecondLife since 2006. I have been hanging around this virtual world for a few years and really enjoy meeting new people, attempting to build and also exploring too!

I can be found wondering around SecondLife and causing trouble on a number of occasions so if you see me feel free to say hey, always up for a chat :)

About Me

Well i am one of them weird Mentors you keep hearing about, i have been a mentor now for about a year in SecondLife and enjoy helping out other people. Its true though, we charge you in cookies for any advice we give hehe!! I am not the fountain of all knowledge, but if i dont know the answer we have a wealth of resources to help us out.

If you have recently joined the SecondLife Mentor group as an apprentice or have some questions you can also drop me a shout as i am a Mentor Buddy too!

I have a few different avatars in SecondLife, but you can usualy see me hanging around as the fox (check out the picture!) I am a huge fan of checking out other peoples builds and places, SecondLife has some very skilled people out there who can put together some amazing stuff. If you want me to show you some of my favorite places just ask, or checkout my small list below:

Folfies Island (My Home): [1]
Timeless Club & Forest: [2]

Yeah its true! I am also a furry, so am always up for a pounce or a fuzzy hug. If your of the griefing type and don`t like furs, then please take take it somewhere else. Its not welcomed in SecondLife and you will be reported for it.


FlickR: [3]
Grid Status: [4]
SL Status: [5]
SL Blog: [6]

Contacting me

You can contact me in a number of ways depending where or what i am doing! Please dont be offended if i decline friend invitations in-world, i tend to keep my friends list for close friends only. However i am always happy to throw out my Calling Card or you can join my group too where you can talk to other new residents looking for help too!

Email & MSN Messenger: [maxushastings [at]]
Skype: MaxusHastings

Maxus thinks you rawk!:)