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Maxx Mackenzie
Aeri Hax

Just your everyday average fur. SL is my second home, i believe this is a door to a true place of freedom. where nationality, color or beliefs are of no matter and limitation. As of late i have been involved working with Sabine Stonebender, we've made really good progress in learning more about LSL. My partner Aeri Hax made a group called "Open Source Furs" and we're all about an open and honest share of scripting information. If you need help, just let us know. See ya inworld :)

May God bless Wolf.


Became Mentor, Instructor.

Pulled together a good bunch of folks to make a little virtual company called GTSL.

First known of Guatemalan to be in SL.

Modified the hell out of the freebie flight engine to do really cool stuff.

Love integrating new residents into SL.

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