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Current Work

I making Game Script in Second Life


Unicode name Page will Database Error [A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.]

I will fix link to ASCII page name

[[アバター]] -> [[avator/ja]]

Edit Tips


{{Multi-lang}} {{LSL Header/ja|ml=*}} {{LSLC/ja|}}

Japanese Page Link

{{LSLG/ja|Primitive}} -> Display Primitive & Link Primitive/ja Primitive

Category Japanese Link

{{LSLGC|Prim/ja|プリム}} プリム

View LSL Code

<lsl>llOwnerSay("Hello World");</lsl> -> <source lang="lsl2">llOwnerSay("Hello World");</source>

llOwnerSay("Hello World");

Regist Category [[Category:LSL Prim/ja| ]] or {{LSLC/ja|Prim}}