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About PixelProphet

I joined Second Life on Febuary 5th, 2007 and was playing around with scripts on my 2nd day in world. After a few days I wondered how I'm supposed to run a script I've made. I searched my inventory for some hidden menu option like "Run this script", but fortunately one of the many Residents I asked was kind enough to inform me that scripts run in Prims.


Ok, what's a Prim then ? Searched the forums..."how to create prims"'d think it was that easy....It wasn't lol. By the way, I found out about Help Islands and all that about half a year after I created my account, because I landed right in Korea 3 on my first day, a place I can totally not recommend for newbies who need answers to questions.

Once I got away from there, and after learning some key basics of Second Life, I was able to very quickly figure out various other things in here, and soon reached a high level of knowledge about Second Life. I love to figure out how things work (presumed I find things interesting), and usually it doesn't take very long.

Remember, your Second Life is what you make of it. You can make it interesting and exciting if you want to. There's something in here for (almost) everybody.

Techniques and formatting

As you will notice, each programmer has his/her own style of producing code. I personally like to use CAPS for global variables because they stand out from the rest, and lower case for local variables.

Usually I use CamelCase for function declarations.

I also like to cache values in variables (where possible) instead of repeatedly calling the corresponding functions.


Fast List Prim Contents - Print Object Inventory (Name, Type and next Owner perms)

Real Object Inventory To Dialog - Display any amount of items contained in an Object in a Dialog, regardless of item name legth..

Grid Status Feed - Receive important Grid information in-world