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I am the Japanese certainly. English excessively is not proud. First it is to like to say, but as for me before beginning second life, completely there is no experience of the net game.As for me as for second life you think that it differs from the category, net game, but when I begin second life, as for the community with of the Japanese being very local, as for communication I myself could not verify the big extent.In order to change this circumstance largely, that for the Japanese who completes in world the information offer system is necessary I thought.

Because there is a media browser even fortunately in viewer, transmitting the individual WEB contents, it is possible to peruse in world. But it means that information is kept outside second life then, as a record medium of second life. Then if the WEB page assuming that it offers to viewer, with the script there is another medium which it can keep in world, it is possible as” a memory” of the individual of in world as feeling as for that as record of second life of that time that way can retain and, functioning to do.

About WIKI translation

Because second life WIKI Japanese translation does not advance excessively, the tutorial and the like was written in my myself group of in world, but you try that I probably will keep stating even with WIKI of this Linden from this. Because is time is not enough sluggishly, while looking at the interval, it may come to the point of renewing slowly is.

Activity with my second life

I have been active in world,” Second Life Publish Company in Japan” omitting, making the group,” SLPC”. Activity contents “introducing in world place for the beginner” and “tutorial” and “Linden formality Blog and translating Grid Status Reort” etc, managing the support sight and the like for the Japanese. Information magazine” RAM” is sold in world.

As a result, I include from group formation and am active with the member 9 person, I myself who am Rado have done the collection of data and compilation compilation of RAM.


SLPC official sight [1]

SLPC official blog [2]



  • SLPC WIKI from the point of view of the way of original WIKI, not being able to compile anyone differs, but as soon as contents to keep being complete from now on, to consider intends that.

What is RAM


In the information magazine which can be perused in world, it is made with the organizer, THiNC BOOK. Being able to verify the operation which is introduced by also the second life official guidebook, stabilizes very it is. Using the device, THiNC PrintingPress, it produces, sells. Still, only the first issue it has sold, but it has produced irregularly. It can obtain the note card and the like which the landmark states in the book, in second life in viewer of a state where login it is done the many residents and the contents which can be shared it has become.