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My name is RaithSphere Whybrow and I have been a resident of Second Life since 2008. I'm primarily a scripter and a DJ .

About Me

I'm primarily a furry on SL, usually seen as a white Fox Kitty (Fitten). Whether you need help with something or just looking for a chat, I'm up for it :)


Semi skilled scripter - i am not the best in the world but i can help as much as i can

Various SL Related

Grid Status: [1]
XStreet SL: [2]

Scripts created by Raith

Lucky Chair: [3]

Contacting me

I don't usually accept friendship offers unless I know you very well.
But you are welcome to message me!

RaithSphere Whybrow

Born: 8/7/2008
Sex: Male
Status: In-Active (Now RaithSphere Enyo)

Subnova™ Citizen
Solarian Estate Manager
Eternal Calm Estate Manager
Caedo Owner