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I became a Second Life resident on 6/15/09. I became an addict the first few days and fell in love with what SL is and I feel there is unlimited potential of what SL could become in the next few years. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything since joining. i still feel like a noob most of the time since l have limited experience compared to most of the older SL residents. I want to do my part to help make SL the best it can be for everyone...i may have invented or at least it looks like i may have been the first to post about a new way to open boxes if you attach them to your avatar and i helped edit the opening boxes page by posting how to transfer (no copy) items to inventory by unpacking object while wearing them if your unable to rezz the box on the ground...however it was removed since viewer 2 is now the favored viewer so i have added it below ...the video...[[1]]

Unpacking a box on your avatar

KBcaution.png Important: Only do this if you're comfortable dragging and dropping inventory items, or you may accidentally misplace stuff.

You can unpack a box if it's attached to your avatar. This may be useful if you're having a hard time getting to rezzable land, since you can always attach an object. However, this lacks the convenience of the Copy to Inventory and Copy and Wear buttons.

  1. In your inventory, right-click the box object and choose Attach To HUD or Attach To, then select an attachment point. Attach To HUD may be preferable because the box is attached to a point on your screen instead of your avatar, and is less likely to mess up your appearance.
    • Or, you can simply choose Wear, which attaches the box to its attachment point — if none has been specified, which is typically the case, it gets attached to your Right Hand.
  2. Right-click the attached box and choose Edit.
  3. In the build tools, click the Content tab.
  4. Drag each item from the object's contents to a folder your inventory. You can also hold Shift ⇧ or Ctrl to select multiple items. If an item is (no copy) you can still do this if your not using viewer 2...this will only work using a 3rd party viewer... if you click and drag the folder above the items from the object's contents into a new folder in your inventory. Dragging the folder rather than selecting one item at a time will select all items in the object's contents, and it may be helpful to create a new folder in your inventory before attempting to use this method. .
  5. Close the build tools.