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Hello I am a geeky scripter grrl who is also very involved in the art community in SL. I got involved when I created what I'm best known for, my Morphing Sculpture, nearly 3 years ago. I've fallen in love with the art community and feel that what is happening with art in SL is important and I want to do everything I can to help connect the many art galleries and artists with the residents. So I have been maintaining a list of art galleries for about the same amount of time (see for more info). There are over 550 art galleries registered on my list and still growing.

The fancy kiosk system that I developed to distribute the list (along with a gallery tour HUD that I created) was turned into a commercial product and is very popular with magazine publishers to distribute copies of their magazines. I call it Kiosk.Net and it's a great way to distribute freebies or info. It's scalable and dependable, and connects to a web-based database so owners of the system can maintain their kiosk network on the web.

I love scripting, it's about the only thing I can do well, and I'm perfectly happy having one area of expertise and hire other experts to do the rest :) Right now I'm spending a lot of time integrating SL scripted objects with server based web pages/databases and learning that there is a lot of potential in creating products that talk to web services and databases. So that's quickly becoming my area of specialty.

I own a sim called Amicitia which is mostly residential with a small shop area. It's a very laid-back relaxed beach island sim and has been my home sweet home for a long time now.

My first retail store (SasTech) opened up January 2009 on the Vertigo sim where I sell some other gadgets and toys I've created. Come by and visit some time!