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Thanks for stopping by. Don't worry I won't eat you as long as I've had a snack recently. I do alot of things in SL. In addition to being a Mentor I own various sims and have projects across the grid I am involved with. I am presently devoting a significant amount of my time to the SLFF7 RP Community which spans several sims. I am the sim owner of the Junon and Gongaga sims and GM/Admin for the community including Midgar. I also have a SL custom design company that does everything from building and texturing to animation and scripting. I enjoy helping out others and have been doing so long before I was involved in the Mentor program. I also RP alot and being a designer I have quite the Avatar collection. I'm a very nice guy OOC but IC when I'm in an RP I may play a completely different kind of character.

Current Projects

In response to many many requests for this kind of info I am coming up with a resource for new and old SL Residents of good places to go if they are interested in fantasy or RP. For all of these I am working with the sim mgmt to ensure the sim is not only a good example of what SL has to offer but that other Mentors can use this resource to show residents these places and have somone in the sim who is willing to give them a tour. All the sims on the list will be ones that are of high quality with a few selected from each genre. All will have the approval of sim mgmt to have Mentors bring new residents here to show their sims as an example and all will have a contact or contacts on staff in the sim who will give tours if the Mentor is not familar enough with the sim. Once it's done I'll make it available to any Mentor who would like to use it.

I am also focusing on the expanding Roleplay Opportunities on Second Life and I am working both in communities I own as well as with other sim owners to enhance those offerings as I would very much like to see Second Life become a destination platform for truely user extensible roleplay experiences allowing residents the creativity they can enjoy participating in a pen and paper RPG but do so in a 3D Online Environment.