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Stryker Jenkins

Stryker Jenkins

Builder of prefab houses. StrykerJ Buils are just that little bit different then other Prefab houses. Also available to hire as builder of complete concepts and custom builds.
In-world home and shop location is: Maia/124/130/129

I was secretary for the Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC), but stopped as active manager on June 1st 2012. We combine our effort with other transportation groups in SL to make it a better place.
In-world group main location is: VRC HQ Tuliptree/96/142/30/

Off-World home, Netherlands - Delfzijl.

Interests and other info

  • My interests: Design / Build / Construct / Create / Invent / Destroy / Rebuild / Reinvent / Teach.
  • Spoken languages: Nederlands / English / Deutsch / Gibberish / Typonese.
  • Wiki editing

Me about Me

"I love to build and construct houses and other things. So if you want some help just IM me. I build and life in Selene... see my profile picks for a landmark. I recently started doing some scripting work for my own houses as well. Apart from building structures like houses I also like to do some community work. I have worked on projects for Four Bridges. A collection of Non-Profit organizations. As well as for the ever growing Railway Community in Second Life. Amongst which the Virtual Railway Consortium."


You can find me on SL most every day working on something or other. So drop me a Note or IM me.
Otherwise try Twitter StrykerJenkins

Stryker J 23:40, 10 May 2012 (PDT)