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Thaumata Strangelove - Second Life Mentor

Thaumata Strangelove - Second Life Mentor

Second Life Experience

Hello, kids. I first came to SL in November 2005, after a friend told me that I'd appreciate the highly collaborative nature of the platform. They were right, and I have been here ever since. I really enjoy spending time exploring the nature of relationships and community in a virtual space, and you will find me working on things to that end most of the time:

  • I had a gallery at SL4B to display some of the artwork I've made here.
  • I follow the MusicDev discussion lists here at SL (and the related forum and tend to watch the music scene closely.
  • I recently became a mentor, so you will see me on that list, as well.
  • I'm a moderator for the PG SL Flickr group.

I'm always interested in new projects, so please let me know if you can use a hand.

I'm married to Kisa Naumova.

Real Life Experience

In RL, I'm 29 and originally from Chicago. I majored in music (piano/voice) and then assisted an eye surgeon for a while, until I left to help start Splice Music. I did a lot of community directing for them and learned a lot there. I really enjoy traveling; I lived in Barcelona for a time and am currently exploring the UK. I am extremely interested in using the web to fund non-profit organizations, and once raised $10k USD on YouTube for breast cancer charities... mostly just to prove that I could.

Follow along


  • Email:
  • Skype: Thaumata

Resources I've Gathered

List of all Second Life Groups on