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Import a Sculpt Map to Blender

I am using Blender version 2.63. This tutorial works only for 32 x 32 sculpt maps.

Blender import sculpties 01 blender version.png

First, delete any objects in your scene by selecting them and pressing "x". Then press the "space" bar to add a new plane mesh,

Blender import sculpties 02 add plane.png

Then press ALT+G to clear the plane's location, moving it to the center of your scene.

Blender import sculpties 03 added plane.png

Press TAB to go into Edit Mode or use the combo box to switch.

Blender import sculpties 04 edit mode.png

Press U and then U again to do a simple unwrap of the plane.

Blender import sculpties 05 unwrap.png

Press TAB to go back to Object mode.

Blender import sculpties 06 object mode.png

Next, add a Subdivision Modifier to the new plane.

Blender import sculpties 07 subdivision modifier.png

Then set the modifier to 5 subdivisions, to split it into a 32 x 32 face mesh. Set it to "Simple" mode so it splits cleanly on straight lines. Make sure to check "Subdivide UVs" to cut the UV mapping into even pieces.

Blender import sculpties 08 subdivision modifier settings.png

Add a new Material, this is only to get access to the Texture setup.

Blender import sculpties 09 new material.png

Add a new texture to your scene.

Blender import sculpties 10 new texture.png

Set the texture type to "Image or Movie".

Blender import sculpties 11 image or movie.png

Open your sculpt map from your hard drive.

Blender import sculpties 12 image open.png

Uncheck "Use" for a possibly used alpha channel in the texture. Uncheck "Interpolation" to remove any softening being done on the sculpt map. Set the Image Mapping to "Extend" and you may have to set the Crop Maximum values to 1.01 if needed. You will see later if you have to or not.

Blender import sculpties 13 image properties.png

Add a Displacement Modifier to the new plane.

Blender import sculpties 14 displacement modifier.png

Choose your sculpt map from the texture list, set up the direction to "RGB to XYZ". Texture coordinates must be set to "UV".

Blender import sculpties 15 displacement modifier settings.png

This will result in a distorted mesh, but that can be corrected easily.

Blender import sculpties 16 displacement result.png

TAB into edit mode, select all vertices with "A". Then press "S" to scale and press "0" (zero) to make all vertices to be at the same point. This will make your object look correct. You might see slight distortions on the final object, where the vertices are placed at the edges of the map. Try adjusting the Crop Maximum values in your texture properties to get these sorted.

Blender import sculpties 17 displacement result after scaling.png

TAB back into object mode and choose "Apply" in your Displacement modifier. This concludes the import.