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I am the main estate manager of Destiny on the teen grid. One of the oldest rental islands. Please IM me if you have any questions regarding Destiny. Please do not contact me if you have been banned from destiny unless you think that you have been banned on unjust terms.


I may also be contacted out of world on skype as "TrifileToshi".


Land Rate : 1.5L Covenant : Please view the cov. Inworld only, There is not an out of world link at this time.


                                           Destiny Estates Covenant
                           We are proud that you chose to rent with Destiny.
   1. You must keep all of your objects inside your parcel at all times.
   2. You are not allowed to sub-rent in this sim unless you have permission from Emporer Spitteler
   3. We prefer for you to put auto return on but it is not required.
   4. You are not allowed to have any build above 64 meters.
   5. Please keep your skyboxes between 500-700m.
   6. For terraforming permissions please contact an estate manager.
   7. In Destiny you are required to have professional builds.[Estate managers will judge this]
       -First offense = Torn down and then contacted (Depending on EM)
       -Second Offense = Eviction. (Depending on EM)
   8. Your plot may only stay empty 3 days after purchase. 
       -This does not include skyboxs 
       -Must be a build on the land
   9. You do not buy your plot you rent it per month!
   10. Do not Eject Ban Freeze or TP Estate Managers home or you will be evicted.
       -First time = Warning (Depending on EM}
       -Second Time = Warning and Kicked from sim for 24 hours. (Depending on EM)
       -Third Time = Eviction. (Depending on EMP)
   11.There is to be no shooting or Armies in Destiny.
   12. No infinite prim rezzers, If caught using them you will be evicted.
   13. If someone is annoying or offensive send an Abuse Report and we will read them.
   14. To reserve land you must pay 100L/24hrs to the estate manager that is assisting you. If you do not wish to pay this fee then you cannot reserve any plot.
   15. No shooting in destiny this is not allowed on any land If caught shooting the proper actions will be taken.
   16. Keep all objects on your land. 
           -First time = Warning (Depending on EM)
           -Second Time = Objects returned that go over parcel lines
           -Third Time = Temp. Ban (Up to 48hrs)
   17. Land can be taken back without an explanation.
           [This is only and I mean only done when that land causes too much trouble for the people on the island]
   18.Undeeding land 
           -50L Fee for undeeding anyones land
    19. Estate manager and only estate managers have the right to judge builds if they find that the judging is needed.
             -No resident may request builds to be judged of another resident.