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Started Second Life in 2009 and has been a scripter since. I rarely make an appearance nowadays. Second Life had its ups and downs but lately it has been a glorified chat room instead of an experience. I wish the best to anyone viewing this page for coding or otherwise.

UD Functions

Below are some User-Defined functions I have created and use in most of my items. Some other scripters have helped out with improvements on some if you go to the discussion section for the "More at" links.


list Vector2List(vector v){ 
    return [v.x, v.y, v.z]; // *Tips a wink to Strife*

More at User:Ugleh_Ulrik/Vector2List


string FirstName(key k){
list fn = llParseString2List(llKey2Name(k),[" "],[]);
string firstn = llList2String(fn,0);
return firstn;

More at User:Ugleh_Ulrik/FirstName


string LastName (key k){
list ln = llParseString2List(llKey2Name(k),[" "],[]);
string lastn = llList2String(ln,1);
return lastn;

More at User:Ugleh_Ulrik/LastName


string trimstring(string text, integer length) {
    if (length < llStringLength(text)){
    length = length-1;
    string newstring = llGetSubString(text,0, length) + "...";
    return newstring;
    return text;

More at StringTruncate


GiveBulkMoney(list u, integer amount){
integer a = 0;
while(a < llGetListLength(u))
    llGiveMoney(llList2Key(u,a), amount);

More at User:Ugleh_Ulrik/GiveBulkMoney

Other Functions


User:Ugleh_Ulrik/ListKeyCase Changes the Key Case of the list, based off a PHP function called array_change_key_case.

Random String

RandomString Creates a random string, 2 examples 1 with strings and numbers, and 1 with just strings.

Time Ago

TimeAgo a function to set "time ago", i.e '3 minutes ago'.


DialogPlus Dialog plus is a function that creates a dialog menu that will use more then 12 buttons.


ListAverage ListAverage will take all the integers from a list and return the average of all the integers.


GradientValue GradientValue will take 2 vectors, beginColor, and endColor, and a percentage, and grab the color between those two based off the percentage given.


TrimList TrimList will do the final process of trimming a whole list before its output in a dialog box.