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Hello Everyone;

  The true essence of humankind is kindness. There are other qualities which come from education or knowledge. 

But it is essential if one wishes to be a genuine human being and impart satisfying meaning to one's existence one must have a good heart.

                                        The 14th Dalai Lama-:)

Usil Bailey...Mentor Grid Wide XD

About me

I am a Second life Mentor, Resident Help Network Member, White Tiger Mentor, Mental Mentor, and a New resident Services mentor,

I Try and link all help groups to each other. My strong points are I am patient and can link people to the help they need, and can get people started in this world. I know how and where to go for anything you seek. RHN members can link almost all nationalities to other RHN mentors who speak your home language.


  • Avatar appearance/customization
  • Land purchasing issues
  • Land editing
  • PC compatability and performance issues In the very dynamic world of Second Life
  • Locating good social groups
  • Directing new people to inworld locations for R/L edjucation
  • and inworld classes for Builders, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Students and VR programmers