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Nacon profile.jpg
An aging human-possessed hyperrealistic android ...or something like that.



Made the first custom cloud textures for the viewer before Firestorm's adopted it, and then Linden Lab as well. Released a small set of settings along with my cloud textures. You can find them in your library inventory.

  • (Library>Environments>Skies>Nacon)
  • (Library>Environments>Textures>Layered Clouds)
  • (Library>Environments>Textures>Cumulo-Nimbus)
  • (Library>Environments>Textures>Altocumulus)


Made a free magazine script that read off the notecard, to displays all of the textures listed in it.


(To be filled in later, I've lost track how many over the years.)

Sim-wide Cities

  • SF NightCity
  • Meijis (collaboration with Luc Aubret)
  • Corea (incomplete)

Motorati (Pontiac)

  • Game show contents
  • Game show reward boxes
  • Variant versions of Pontiac Solstice GXP (collaboration with Pontiac Millionsofus & Francis Chung)

Race Tracks

  • Jiro Canyon
  • Naimu City (incomplete)
  • La Follia (incomplete)
  • PSU (collaboration with Les White)
  • PSU Canyon (collaboration with Les White)
  • Mooz (collaboration with Les White)
  • Concrete & Dirt Oval Texture for Motorati's track (collaboration with Suku)

Public LSL Scripts

Personal Wisdom & Quotes

"No need to die for anyone else, there are plenty of stars for everyone to call home."

"History are doomed to repeat no matter what, it's your job to make them learn your lesson if you want it to stop."

"Worshiping is an archaic solution for ignoramuses problems and I will take no part of it."

"Mistakes are my prized possession, to further expand my success. But whomever I miss will put holes in my journey there."

"Reduce excess and fill what you lack."

"Unleash dreams and realize your wonders."