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Ask a Foxie a question

If you want, ask any questions in the Questions area below, and myself and my team will try to get you the answer a.s.a.p. Just go ahead and ask, we dare you. Try to keep the questions in the realm of Second Life. I rather not explain that you could save 5 dollars by switching to Geico, that's what TV is for.


Hi Fox!

I am doing experiments with teleporting from sim to sim. This is known to be tricky, and I will try to make precise what the problem is.

My strategy is to teleport in sim 1 using the WarpPos hack to a point about a meter from the border to sim 2. Then I use llMoveToTarget to slowly float over the boundary,

Most of the time, this works fine. But sometimes it leads to a form of Avatar Schizophrenia, which is a bad thing. I will now try to define the diagnosis of this serious illness. In this state, the avatar

Can listen and talk to others (and be heard)

Can be seen as a green dot on the map.

Can create and edit objects.

Can be detected as "AvatarOnSitTarget"

But -

Cannot move or stand up from sitting.

Cannot be seen by other avatars.

Cannot be sensed by llSensor.

The prim it is sitting on reports llGetNumberOfPrims as "1" (instead of the expected "2" for a prim with rider).

Is there any way of detecting that schizophrenia is about to happen before you "float"? Or even better - is there a cure for schizophrenic avatars?

Marcel Cromulent.