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llCollisionFilter‎ example

I've taken a look at the example you contributed to llCollisionFilter‎. Unfortunately it had to be removed, there wasn't just one reason but several. A good example is easy to read, it's easy to figure out what the coder was trying to do and what the code does. Your example was more like an onion, each layer of problems had to be pealed, revealing more problems.

  1. The most striking problem is the inconsistency of the whitespace. On the wiki we indent each scope more than the previous scope, giving a tiered effect. This is a forgivable mistake and we never delete an example for this.
  2. Next comes the quality of the comments. While the misspellings are forgivable, the poor grammar makes it next to impossible in places to understand them.
  3. Then there is the quality of the code. I'm sorry to say the code quality is no better than the whitespacing or grammar. When it comes to code quality usually it's syntax errors that need to be fixed or missed edge cases. In this case however huge chunks of logic are omitted, the code compiles but it does not work as intended.
  4. The code doesn't handle multiple users, and this isn't a good use of llCollisionFilter‎.

When I first saw the script I set out to fix it but as I got deeper into the script I came to the conclusion that there was too much wrong with it. The deciding factor to delete the example instead of fixing it came from the conclusion that it was an inappropriate use of llCollisionFilter‎. The script could be fixed, but it wouldn't use llCollisionFilter‎; which in turn means it doesn't belong in the llCollisionFilter‎ article. -- Strife (talk|contribs) 23:55, 27 August 2009 (UTC)