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Who am I? Wander over to my User page and find out.

Asking for comments is like standing in public in your underwear ... the feedback you get can tell you more than you really want to know about yourself. Still, it beats staying at home and looking in a mirror. You know what feedback you'll get there. Where's the excitement in that? Rolig Loon 19:51, 2 May 2009 (UTC)


If you want to leave a comment, here's how ...

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Vill veta mer om "Så Roligt" på Regent Street. Hej Jag heter Vanadis Falconer och bloggar på Vanadis ser på saken/ Hittade er affär på Regens Street av en slump. Har länge sökt efter kläder för den europeiska skandinaviska kvinnan. Är ganska trött på fnaskfillorna som dräller över allt i Sl och blev glad av att se ditt sortiment. men jag skulle vilja veta lite mer om "varför just London, varför ser kläderna ut som de gör osv IM:a mig Vanadis Falconer eller mejla och berätta lite mer Ta vara på Vandis

förmodar att du är svensk men skickar med en Googleöversättning för säkerhets skull Want to know more about "Så Roligt" in Regent Street. Hello I called Vanadis Falconer and blogs at Vanadis see it / http: / / / Found your business on Regen Street by chance. Have been searching for clothing for the European Scandinavian woman. 'm Pretty tired of hookers clothing everywhere in Sl and was pleased to see your range. But I would like to know more about "why London, why do clothes like they do, etc. IM me a Vanadis Falconer or email andtell me more Take care Vanadis

A query on your example

Hello Rolig. I'm trying to fix a number of sample scripts on SL Wiki that don't even compile. Most of these have been corrupted by Kireji Haiku. He corrupted one of yours, but looking at it I think your original logic was faulty. Would you mind checking? It's the last example on llGetInventoryPermMask. I'm pasting your original here so you don't have to wade back through revisions on the Wiki. My concern is this: <lsl> //Notice that PERM_COPY and PERM_TRANSFER are combined with a bitwise & in this test. if (((PERM_COPY & PERM_TRANSFER) & llGetInventoryPermMask(myitem, MASK_OWNER)) == 0) </lsl> As (PERM_COPY & PERM_TRANSFER) will always result in ZERO, that whole statement will always be true Of course, it makes no difference to the results of the script, but is confusing :) <lsl> default {

   touch_start(integer num)
       integer i;
       while (i < llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT))
           string myitem = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,i);
           //Notice that PERM_COPY and PERM_TRANSFER are combined with a bitwise & in this test.
           if (((PERM_COPY & PERM_TRANSFER) & llGetInventoryPermMask(myitem, MASK_OWNER)) == 0)
               integer ownerPerms = llGetInventoryPermMask(myitem, MASK_OWNER);
               if (!(PERM_COPY & ownerPerms))
                   llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, myitem + " is no copy");
               else if (!(PERM_TRANSFER & ownerPerms))
                   llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, myitem + " is no transfer");

} </lsl>

Omei Qunhua 02:10, 14 December 2012 (PST)