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I have trouble following the language - perhaps try and rephrase? For example: "Zero for solid static. How much it takes to cancel out reaction to the whole on each axis." What is the meaning of a "solid static"? Is this a non-hollow non-physical object? "Cancel out reaction to the whole [I think a noun needs to go here] somethingsomething"

Sometimes when I'm trying to explain a technical concept, I pretend I'm explaining it to Mom, expressing my idea in complete sentences. Maybe this strategy would be helpful.

  • Mom for all intents and purposes is an intelligent, but non-tech-savy person.

-- Francis

Solid static would be a "zero displacement", making it truly solid to the whole object to connect to, even if the vehicle is still in physical state. The way we have with our wheels linked to the frame... are truly solid static since they don't move out of its place when it come to the "whole" physical object itself. --Vincent Nacon 12:32, 9 October 2007 (PDT)