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Top Level Menu Items

The top level menu items have been simplified into the following set:

   * Me
   * Communicate
   * World
   * Landmarks (*Deferred for Viewer 2.0)
   * Build
   * Help
   * Advanced (HIDDEN)
   * Develop (HIDDEN - combine debug/dev)
   * Admin (HIDDEN)

3.1 Me

   * Preferences (Ctl-P)
   * My Dashboard
   * Buy L$
   * <separator>
   * My Profile
   * My Appearance
   * My Inventory (Ctl-I) 
   * My Gestures (Ctl-G)
   * My Status > 
         o Away
         o Busy
   * <separator>
   * Quit Second Life (Ctl-Q)

3.2 Communicate

   * My Friends (Ctl-Shift-F)
   * My Groups
   * <separator>
   * Nearby Chat (Ctl-H)
   * Nearby People (Ctl-Shift-A)
   * Nearby Media (Ctl-Alt-N)
   * <separator>
   * (Legacy) Communicate (Ctl-T) (when will these be removed?)
   * (Temp) Media Remote Ctrl (Ctl-Alt-M) (when will these be removed?)

3.3 World

   * Mini-Map (Ctl-Shift-M)
   * World Map (Ctl-M)
   * Snapshot (Ctl-Shift-S)
   * Landmark This Place
   * About This Place >
         o About Land
         o Region/Estate
   * <separator>
   * Buy This Land
   * My Land
   * Show >
         o Move Controls
         o View Controls
         o Ban Lines
         o Beacons (Ctl-Alt-Shift-N)
         o Property Lines (Ctl-Alt-Shift-P)
         o Land Owners
   * <separator>
   * Teleport Home (Ctl-Shift-H)
   * Set Home to Here
   * <separator>
   * Sun >
         o Sunrise
         o Midday (Ctl-Shift-Y)
         o Sunset (Ctl-Shift-N)
         o Midnight
         o Estate Time 
         o <separator>
         o Advanced Settings [WAS Environment Editor] (wait on this -Erica) 

3.4 Landmarks (Deferred) This section has been deferred for Viewer 2.0 and needs more thought before implementation.

   * Create Landmark Here
   * Set Home to Here
   * Teleport Home (Ctl-Shift-H)
   * My Landmarks
   * <separator>
   * [listing of the resident's Landmarks. Whatever appears within "My Inventory/Landmarks"] TBD

3.5 Build

   * Build (Ctl-B)
   * Select Build Tool >
         o Focus Tool (Ctl-1)
         o Move Tool (Ctl-2)
         o Edit Tool (Ctl-3)
         o Create Tool (Ctl-4)
         o Land Tool (Ctl-5)
   * Edit >
         o Undo (Ctl-Z)
         o Redo (Ctl-Y)
         o <separator>
         o Cut (Ctl-X)
         o Copy (Ctl-C)
         o Paste (Ctl-V)
         o Delete (Del)
         o Duplicate (Ctl-D)
         o <separator>
         o Select All (Ctl-A)
         o Deselect (Ctl-E)
   * <separator>
   * Link (Ctl-L)
   * Unlink (Ctl-Shift-L)
   * Edit Linked Parts
   * <separator>
   * Focus on Selection (H)
   * Zoom to Selection (Shift H)
   * <separator>
   * Objects >
         o Take
         o Take Copy
         o Save Back to My Inventory
         o Save Back to Object Contents
   * Scripts >
         o Recompile Scripts (Mono)
         o Recompile Scripts (LSL)
         o Reset Scripts
         o Set Scripts to Running
         o Set Scripts to Not Running
   * <separator>
   * Options >
         o Set Default Upload Permissions
         o Show Advanced Permissions
         o <separator>
         o Select Only My Objects
         o Select Only Movable Objects
         o Select By Surrounding
         o <separator>
         o Show Hidden Selection
         o Show Light Radius for Selection
         o Show Selection Beam
         o <separator>
         o Snap to Grid (G)
         o Snap Object XY to Grid (SHIFT-X)
         o Use Seletion for Grid (SHIFT-G)
         o Grid Options (CTL-SHIFT-B)
   * Select Linked Parts >
         o Select Next Part (CTL + .)
         o Select Previous Part (CTL + ,)
         o Include Next Part (CTL+SHIFT+ .)
         o Include Previous Part (CTL+SHIFT + ,)

3.6 Help

   * Second Life Help (F1)
   * <separator>
   * Report Abuse
   * Report Bug
   * <separator>
   * About Second Life 

3.7 Advanced

   * Set Away After 30 Minutes (removed and placed into Preferences)
   * Stop Animating Me
   * Rebake Textures (Ctl-Alt-R)
   * Set UI Size to Default 
   * Set Window Size...
   * <separator>
   * Limit Select Distance
   * Disable Camera Constraints
   * <separator>
   * High-res Snapshot 
   * Quiet Snapshots to Disk 
   * Compress Snapshots to Disk
   * <separator>
   * Performance Tools >
         o Lag Meter
         o Statistics Bar (Ctl-Shift-1)
         o Show Avatar Rendering Cost
   * Highlighting and Visibility >
         o Cheesy Beacon
         o Hide Particles (Ctl-Opt-Shift-=)
         o Hide Selected
         o Highlight Transparent (Ctl-Opt-T)
         o Show HUD Attachments (Opt-Shift-H)
         o Show Mouselook Crosshairs
   * Show Land Tooltips
   * Rendering Types >
         o Simple (Ctl-Opt-Shift-1)
         o Alpha (Ctl-Opt-Shift-2)
         o Tree (Ctl-Opt-Shift-3)
         o Avatars (Ctl-Opt-Shift-4)
         o SurfacePath (Ctl-Opt-Shift-5)
         o Sky (Ctl-Opt-Shift-6)
         o Water (Ctl-Opt-Shift-7)
         o Ground (Ctl-Opt-Shift-8)
         o Volume (Ctl-Opt-Shift-9)
         o Grass (Ctl-Opt-Shift-0)
         o Clouds (Ctl-Opt-Shift- - )
         o Particles (Ctl-Opt-Shift-=)
         o Bump (Ctl-Opt-Shift-\)
   * Rendering Features >
         o UI (Ctl-Opt-F1)
         o Selected (Ctl-Opt-F2)
         o Highlighted (Ctl-Opt-F3)
         o Dynamic Features (Ctl-Opt-F4)
         o Foot Shadows (Ctl-Opt-F5)
         o Fog (Ctl-Opt-F6)
         o Test FRInfo (Ctl-Opt-F8)
         o Flexible Objects (Ctl-Opt-F9)
   * Run Multiple Threads
   * Clear Group Cache
   * Mouse Smoothing
   * Show IMs in Nearby Chat
   * <separator>
   * Shortcuts >
         o Search (CTL-F)
         o Release Keys
         o Set UI Size to Default
         o <separator>
         o Always Run (CTL-R)
         o Fly (HOME)
         o <separator>
         o Close Window (CTL-W)
         o Close All Windows (CTL-SHIFT-W)
         o <separator>
         o Snapshot to Disk (CTL~)
         o <separator>
         o Mouselook (M)
         o Joystick Flycam (CTL-SHIFT-F)
         o Reset View (ESC)
         o Look at Last Chatter (CTL-\)
         o <separator>
         o Select Build Tool >
               + Focus Tool (CTL-1)
               + Move Tool (CTL-2)
               + Edit Tool (CTL-3)
               + Create Tool (CTL-4)
               + Land Tool (CTL-5)
         o <separator>
         o Zoom In (CTL-0)
         o Zoom Default (CTL-9)
         o Zoom Out (CTL-8)
         o <separator>
         o Toggle Fullscreen
   * <separator>
   * Show Debug Settings
   * Show Develop Menu (Ctrl-Alt-Q)

3.8 Develop

   * Consoles > 
         o Texture Console (CTL-SHIFT-3)
         o Debug Console (CTL-SHIFT-4)
         o Notifications Console (CMD-SHIFT-5)
         o Texture Size Console (CMD-SHIFT-6)
         o Texture Category Console (CMD-SHIFT-7)
         o Fast Timers (CTL-SHIFT-9)
         o <separator>
         o Region Info to Debug Console
         o Group Info to Debug Console
         o Capabilities Info to Debug Console
         o <separator>
         o Camera
         o Wind
         o FOV
   * Show Info >
         o Show Time
         o Show Render Info
         o Show Matrices
         o Show Color Under Cursor
         o <separator>
         o Show Updates to Objects (CMD-OPT-SHIFT-U)
   * <separator> 
   * Force an Error >
         o Force Breakpoint (CMD-OPT-SHIFT-B)
         o Force LLError and Crash
         o Force Bad Memory Access
         o Force Infinite Loop
         o Force Driver Crash
         o Force Software Exception
         o Force Disconnect Viewer
         o Simulate a Memory Leak
   * Render Tests >
         o Camera Offset
         o Randomize Framerate
         o Periodic Slow Frame
         o Frame Test
   * Render Metadata >
         o Bounding Boxes
         o Octree
         o Shadow Frusta
         o Occlusion
         o Render Batches
         o Texture Anim
         o Texture Priority
         o Texture Area
         o Face Area
         o Lights
         o Collision Skeleton
         o Raycast
   * Rendering >
         o Axes
         o Tangent Basis
         o Selected Texture Info Basis (CMD-OPT-SHIFT-T)
         o Wireframe (CMD-SHIFT-R)
         o Object-Object Occlusion (CMD-SHIFT-0)
         o Framebuffer Objects
         o Deferred Rendering
         o Global Illumination
         o <separator>
         o Debug GL
         o Debug Pipeline
         o Fast Alpha
         o Animation Textures
         o Disable Textures
         o Full Res Textures
         o Audit Textures
         o Texture Atlas
         o Render Attached Lights
         o Render Attached Particles
         o Hover Glow Objects
   * Network >
         o Pause Agent
         o <separator>
         o Enable Message Log
         o Disable Message Log
         o <separator>
         o Velocity Interpolate Objects
         o Ping Interpolate Object Positions
         o <separator>
         o Drop a Packet (CMD-OPT-L) 
   * Dump Scripted Camera
   * Bumps, Pushes & Hits
   * Recorder >
         o Start Playback
         o Stop Playback
         o Loop Playback
         o Start Record
         o Stop Record
   * World
         o Sim Sun Override
         o Cheesy Beacon
         o Fixed Weather
         o Dump Region Object Cache
   * UI >
         o Web Browser Test
         o Dump SelectMgr
         o Dump Inventory
         o Dump Timers
         o Dump Focus Holder (CMD-OPT-F)
         o Print Selected Object Info (CMD-SHIFT-P)
         o Print Agent Info (SHIFT-P)
         o Memory Stats (CMD-OPT-SHIFT-M)
         o Double-ClickAuto-Pilot
         o <selector>
         o Debug SelectMgr
         o Debug Clicks
         o Debug Views
         o Debug Name Tooltips
         o Debug Mouse Events
         o Debug Keys
         o Debug WindowProc
   * XUI >
         o Reload Color Settings
         o Show Font Test
         o Load from XML
         o Save to XML
         o Show XUI Names
         o Send Test IMs
   * Avatar >
         o Grab Baked Texture >
               + Iris
               + Head
               + Upper Body
               + Lower Body
               + Skirt
         o Character Tests >
               + Appearance To XML
               + Toggle Character Geometry
               + Test Male
               + Test Female
               + Toggle PG
               + Allow Select Avatar
         o Force Params to Default
         o Animation Info
         o Slow Motion Animations
         o Show Look At
         o Show Point At
         o Debug Joint Updates
         o Disable LOD
         o Debug Character Vis
         o Show Collision Skeleton
         o Display Agent Target
         o Dump Attachments
         o Debug Avatar Textures (CMD-OPT-SHIFT-A)
         o Dump Local Textures (OPT-SHIFT-M)
   * <separator>
   * HTTP Textures
   * Compress Images
   * Output Debug Minidump
   * Console Window on Next Run
   * <separator>
   * Show Admin Menu
   * Request Admin Status (CMD-OPT-G)
   * Leave Admin Status (CMD-OPT-SHIFT-G)

3.9 Admin Same as in the past

   * Object >
         o Take Copy (CMD-ALT-SHIFT-O)
         o Force Owner To Me
         o Force Owner Permissive
         o Delete (CMD-ALT-SHIFT-DEL)
         o Lock (CMD-ALT-SHIFT-L)
         o Get Asset IDs (CMD-ALT-SHIFT-I)
   * Parcel >
         o Force Owner To Me
         o Set to Linden Content (CMD-ALT-SHIFT-C)
         o Claim Public Land
   * Region >
         o Dump Temp Asset Data
         o Save Region State
   * God Tools

4. Login Screen Menu Items

   * Me
         o Preferences (Ctl-P)
         o <separator>
         o Quit Second Life (Ctl-Q) 
   * Help
         o Help (F1)
         o <separator>
         o About Second Life 
   * Debug