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When finished, we hope this page will constitute a complete recipe for compiling viewer 2 from source on a Windows machine, all in one place, as simply as possible.

Philosophy: to keep it brief, this page should only include steps we KNOW ARE NEEDED, not random hints.

This process will probably take 6 to 12 hours of wall-clock time, and 2 to 6 hours of your time, if you're starting from a fresh Windows XP/Vista/7 system.

Establish your programming environment

This is needed for compiling any viewer based on the LL open source code, but only needs to be done once.

  • Install other development tools

Download and compile libraries that must be manually added to each LL source release

It is probably a good idea to build an empty directory tree for the files below and first copy the files there and once completed, copy the whole tree to the actual source folder. Then, if you obtain a new batch of source code, you can save some steps.

rem OLIBS.CMD to build a folder tree for 3rd party libraries and includes
md olibs
md olibs\linden\
md olibs\linden\libraries
md olibs\linden\libraries\include
md olibs\linden\libraries\i686-win32
md olibs\linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\release
md olibs\linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\debug
md olibs\linden\libraries\i686-win32\include
md olibs\linden\libraries\i686-win32\include\GL
md olibs\linden\libraries\i686-win32\include\quicktime
md olibs\linden\indra
md olibs\linden\indra\newview


  • Download & install the Quicktime SDK for Windows
  • copy "QuicktimeSDK\Libraries\QTMLClient.lib" to "linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\release" and to "linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\debug"
  • Copy the contents of "QuicktimeSDK\CIncludes" into "linden\libraries\i686-win32\include\quicktime".


  • Download & extract FMOD3.75 API for Windows. (later versions, like FMOD Ex, are incompatible).
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\inc\fmod.h" to "linden\libraries\include"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\inc\fmod_errors.h" to "linden\libraries\include"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\inc\fmoddyn.h" to "linden\libraries\include"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\lib\fmodvc.lib" to "linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\release" and to "linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\debug"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\fmod.dll" to "linden\indra\newview"





Set up your source code tree

LL distributes the source code in three parts: the source package, the artwork package, and the library package. You should choose whether to use a snapshot or SVN checkout. You'll need art and libraries from a snapshot if you use the SVN method.

  • Unzip or checkout your source tree into a directory that has as short full pathname as possible, with NO SPACES in it, to avoid trouble in the build scripts.
  • Example: ((specific snapshot example TBD; SVN example also ))

Fix known problems with the source code tree

TBD - edits to scripts that must be made for windows VC90 builds to succeed?

Initial build steps using and CMake

You may notice that there's no Visual Studio project file as part of the distributed source tree. That's because it is GENERATED in this step using command-line tools. Only after this step can you begin using the IDE.

  • open a Command Prompt window
  • Run --
    • From the command line, cd into the indra subdirectory
    • Run " -G VC90" or "python -G VC90"
    • The script will create and populate a build directory for you. It should be in 'build-vc90'

((TBD: how to tell if you succeeded))

Compile using the IDE

  • Run Visual Studio.
  • Use "File -> Open -> Project/Solution", navigate to linden/indra/build-VC90/Viewer.vcproj, and open it.
    • if you can't find this file, perhaps your previous run of failed.
  • Project ALL_BUILD and configuration RelWithDebugInfo should be selected, and the working directory for ALL_BUILD should be "linden\indra\newview".
  • Build -> Build Solution (F7)

Fix things until the compile succeeds

((TBD - add any fixup steps here. e.g. does fmod375.dll need to be moved into RelWithDbgInfo at this step?))

Annotate your successes and failures here


These instructions are condensed from about a dozen previous pages of info:

((add other references here))