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By default you'll see Second Life from just behind your avatar, but you can move and turn the camera around to look at whatever you like -- including yourself.

Keyboard & mouse

Hold Alt and left-click with your mouse to focus your camera on a new point. To zoom and rotate your view around that point, hold the mouse button down and continue to hold Alt while moving your mouse; move the mouse up and down to zoom, left and right to rotate.

You can press Esc at any time to return your camera view to behind your avatar.

Camera control panel

You can click View at any time to open the camera control panel. At the bottom of the panel are four buttons that correspond to four different view modes:

QSG Seeing - Buttons.png

Orbit camera

Rotates your view around a point you select by holding Alt and clicking on an object or avatar. If you do not select a point, the view rotates around your avatar by default. You can also zoom your camera view by using the vertical slider.

QSG Seeing - Orbit.png

Pan camera

Moves your camera up, down, left, and right. You can also zoom your camera view by using the vertical slider.

QSG Seeing - Pan.png

Avatar views

Shows four convenient camera views of your avatar.

QSG Seeing - Avatar.png

Free view

Allows you to move your camera freely with the keyboard and mouse controls.

QSG Seeing - Object.png