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Learning Second Life Viewer 2? We've got video tutorials for you that teach you essential skills in a friendly and fast way!

Even if you've already been a Resident for awhile, these Beginner's tutorials will help acquaint you with the new concepts and wonders in Viewer 2.

More vidtuts are on the official Second Life YouTube channel, so come over and subscribe!

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Moving around

Learn the basics about moving around and general navigation in Second Life.

<videoflash type="youtube">5GHbmxouWOw|640|480</videoflash>

Finding places

Learn the basics about finding places to explore within Second Life.

<videoflash type="youtube">--1Vaj7Wmxo|640|480</videoflash>

Customizing your avatar

Learn the basics about customizing your avatar, or digital persona, within Second Life.

<videoflash type="youtube">u9ED64ymtZs|640|480</videoflash>

Linden dollars and shopping

Learn the basics about Linden dollars and shopping within Second Life.

<videoflash type="youtube">xJ6vY4pS33Q|640|480</videoflash>

Chatting with other Residents

Learn the basics about chatting with other people using voice and text within Second Life.

<videoflash type="youtube">5DK__-I25DM|640|480</videoflash>

Making friends and staying in touch

Learn the basics about making friends and staying in touch within Second Life.

<videoflash type="youtube">O6eEJE3yCtM|640|480</videoflash>

Land basics

Learn the basics about virtual land within Second Life.

<videoflash type="youtube">FDFpylpLFhM|640|480</videoflash>