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Sets basic preferences to enhance your Second Life experience.


  Changes the language the Viewer text is displayed in. System default detects what your computer is globally using. To override this, click the dropdown and select another language, then restart your Viewer.
I want to access content rated

  Controls the maturity rating of content you can see, whether you're teleporting inworld or doing a search. You can only change this when logged into Second Life. You must be age-verified to see Parcel lght A.png Adult content.
Start location

  Controls where you appear the next time you log in to Second Life:
  • My Last Location - The last place you were inworld before logging out.
  • My Home - Your home location; set by choosing World > Set Home to Here.
  • Check Show on login to enable the Starting location field on your Viewer login screen. The next time you log in, you can specify either My Last Location, My Home, or choose Type region name to specify a region and optional coordinates like a SLurl.
Name tags

  Controls display of floating name tags above avatars' heads. Affects only what you see, not what others see. On always displays them; Off hides them. To make them to appear momentarily then fade away, choose Show briefly.
  • Show my name - Hides your name tag, including group title.
  • Small name tags - Reduces the font size used in name tags, helpful in dense crowds with many avatars.
  • Show group titles - Check this to show your and other avatars' group titles in name tags.
My effects

  Sets the color of the animated dots that appear when you select objects and when you teleport. Click the swatch to show the Color Picker and choose a color. Selection beam not present. See: EXT-4595
Away timeout

  Select the time before your avatar goes into away mode, slummping over as a visual cue and displaying "(Away)" next to your name tag.

Set Away mode manually by choosing Me > My Status > Away.

Busy mode response

  Type a brief message to be sent as an automatic reply when another Resident instant-messages you when you're in Busy mode.

Set Busy mode by choosing Me > My Status > Busy.

(version 2.0.1)