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Beacons are colored locators that help you pinpoint special kinds of objects.


Render Beacons

  Makes objects and avatars that match the enabled beacon types have 3D crosshairs through them: a long vertical line (Z-axis) accompanied by shorter X-axis and Y-axis lines. Each beacon type has a different color to differentiate them on a crowded screen. Text also appears in the lower-right showing which beacons are being viewed.

  Makes objects that match the enabled beacon types glow in red. Objects that already have a glow effect on them (set in Build Tools - Texture) are harder to see.
Beacon Width

  Adjusts beacon thickness (in pixels).

For these objects


  Shown in green. Check to show all physical objects.

  Shown in red. Check to show all scripted objects.
Touch Only

  Check to only show scripted objects that can be interacted with via a mouse click.
Sound Sources

  Shown in yellow. Check to show all objects and avatars playing sounds. Use this to narrow down the source of sounds.
Particle Sources

  Shown in blue. Check to show all sources emitting particles, including avatars with particle-generating attachments.
Media Sources

  Check to show all video or audio sources.