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Shows information about a land parcel that can be purchased.


  Parcel name and coordinates.

  The parcel's size in m2 and number of prims it supports.

  The parcel's sale price and the cost per m2.

  Region name and maturity rating.

  Either full region, homestead, or openspace.
Buying this land will

  Notification of potential changes to your membership.

  Opens purchase confirmation window.

  Cancels purchase process.

These only apply when purchasing land on a private estate:


  Estate the region belongs to.
Estate Owner

  Information about the estate owner.
Purchased land in this region

  Describes resale and division conditions.
Last Modified

  When the estate covenant was updated.

  Terms and conditions set by the estate owner for landowners in the estate.
I Agree to the Covenant Defined Above

  You must check this to purchase the land.