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By default, you’ll see Second Life from just behind your avatar, but you can move and turn the camera around to look at whatever you like, including yourself.

Camera controls

Click on your avatar, hold down the mouse button, and move the mouse around to rotate your view right, left, up, and down. Zoom your view in and out with the mouse wheel. When you zoom all the way in you'll enter mouselook mode.

Click Viewer View Button.jpg to open the View tool that enables you to pan and rotate the camera viewpoint, zoom, and so on.

You can also turn around in place (also changing your view) using the arrow keys and the a and s keys.


Use "alt-zoom" mode to examine an object from various angles and distances: Hold down the Alt key (Option on Mac) and click on an object (and continue holding that key down). Alternatively, click View to display the View tool and then click .


  • Move the mouse up and down to zoom in and out on the object.
  • Move the mouse left and right to rotate the camera around the object.
  • Press Esc to leave alt-zoom mode.

Mouselook mode

In mouselook mode, you see Second Life from your avatar's eyes: Move your mouse to look around freely, and your avatar turns to face whatever direction you look. Exit this mode by pressing Esc.

Map and mini-map

Choose World > Mini-map to display the mini-map.

Chose World > World Map to display the full map.