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It's well worth keeping your inventory organized: It loads faster and you can find stuff easier. Some quick tips:

  • Create new folders in My Inventory to specifically sort items into. For example, put your favorite dresses in a folder instead of leaving them cluttered with everything else. This comes in handy when trying to make decisions about what to delete.
  • If you've assembled an avatar "look" you want to recall later, go to the Appearance Editor and click Make Outfit. It gets saved as a special folder in My Appearance - My Outfits which includes links to the original items. This is much better than being frustrated later if you accidentally changed some clothes and can't find your favorite socks.
    • Links, shown as "(link)" next to an item's name, are shortcuts to the original items. This means multiple outfits can refer to a single no-copy item, and is convenient if you like wearing the same no-copy hat across several outfits.
  • If you want to have two (or more) views of My Inventory at a single time, use File > New Window. This opens a window you can sort independently of the usual inventory sidebar.
  • Learn how to use Inventory - Show Filters (accessible via My Inventory's File > Show Filters) effectively; filters are useful for selectively focusing on a particular item type or types, and recently-received items you want to sort.
  • If you're not sure what an inventory item does, put it in a folder labeled TRY ME LATER (or something similar). Put other uncertain items there too. Then, when you have a free block of time, go through all the items in that folder so you can re-sort the ones you want to keep, and trash the ones you don't.
  • Deleting inventory items doesn't remove their applied copies. For example, if you use a wood texture on a house but delete that wood texture in your inventory, it stays on the house. This is because our asset servers need to refer to item dependencies to prevent content from inadvertently breaking.