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Manages outfits saved from the Appearance Editor. Filter the list by typing into the search field at the top of the sidebar.

Each outfit folder is shown in its own section. Click Collapse Collapse and Expand Expand to show or hide each section.


Right-click an item or folder in My Outfits to choose an action for that item. Many of these actions are also available in the Gear Gear menu.

Replace Current Outfit   Replaces the outfit you are wearing with the items contained in the selected folder. Any items not located in the folder, including any HUD attachments, are removed from your avatar. Also available in the Gear Gear menu.
Add To Current Outfit   Adds the items from a selected folder to your current outfit. Replaces any attachments or clothing whose layers or attachment points conflict with the new outfit, but does not remove non-conflicting clothing or attachments.
Remove From Current Outfit   Removes all items from a selected folder from your current outfit. The selected folder does not have to be the outfit you are currently wearing. Also available in the Gear Gear menu.
Rename   Changes the name of the selected folder. Also available in the Gear Gear menu.
Delete, Delete Outfit   Deletes the selected outfit folder. Also available in the Gear Gear menu.
Wear   Adds the currently selected item to your avatar. Replaces any conflicting clothing or attachment.
Edit   Opens the Appearance Editor for worn clothing.
Take Off   Removes the selected clothing from your avatar.
Detach From Yourself   Removes the selected attachment from your avatar.
Attach To   Attaches an object to your avatar at the attachment point you choose. Only one attachment may be attached to each point at one time.
Attach To HUD   Attaches an object to your HUD at the point you choose.
Remove Link   Remove an unworn item from an outfit folder. Also available in the Gear Gear menu.
Trash Trash   Deletes the currently selected item or folder.


Save Outfit   Creates a new outfit folder that includes the items your avatar is wearing.
Wear   Replaces your current outfit with the outfit in the selected folder.