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KBnote.png Note: This article has been edited since it was returned from translation. REQUIRES RE-TRANSLATION.

Shows links to all the items your avatar is currently wearing. The links enable you to use a no-copy item in multiple outfits without moving the original item in your inventory.

Right-click an item for a list of actions; many of these actions are also available from the Gear Gear menu.

Find Original   Finds the original item in My Inventory.
Properties   Opens the Object Profile for the selected clothing, body part, or attachment.
Delete, Remove Link, Trash Trash   Removes the selected item from the temporary Wearing outfit, but does not delete it from your inventory or remove it from your avatar. Useful for removing individual items from an outfit before saving.
Edit   Opens the Appearance Editor.
Take Off   Removes the selected item of clothing from your avatar. Also removes the item from the Wearing list.
Detach From Yourself   Removes the selected attachment from your avatar. Also removes the item from the Wearing list.
Remove from Current Outfit   2010-03-11 - Broken.
Save Outfit   Saves your currently worn outfit to My Outfits as a new outfit folder.