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Lists all your Second Life friends. Lists Online and All friends separately. Click to expand a list or to collapse it. Filter the lists by typing into the search field at the top of the sidebar.

Double-click a name in the list to start an IM conversation with them.

  Each entry includes a thumbnail image of that Resident's profile image if they have uploaded one. To hide these images, click then uncheck View People Icons.
Voice Off Voice Off   Changes to Voice On Voice On to indicate that a nearby Resident is speaking using voice communication.

Click at the bottom of the window to choose additional display options.


Mouse over a Resident's entry to display these icons:

Green info btn.jpg   CLick to open a small information window where you can adjust that person's speaking volume, send them a friend request, view their profile, or click for additional options shown below.
  Click to view the Resident's profile.

Additional options:

  • View Profile: Opens the Resident's profile.
  • Add Friend: Sends a friend request to the Resident.
  • IM: Opens an instant messaging session with the Resident.
  • Call: Initiates a private voice call to the Resident.
  • Teleport: Offer a teleport.
  • Invite to Group: Invite the Resident to join a group to which you belong.

  • Report: Report Abuse by the Resident.
  • Zoom In: If your friend is close by, zoom in your camera view to them.
  • Find On Map: If your friend is not close by, show their location on the World Map.
  • Pay: Open the Pay Resident window that enables you to pay Linden Dollars to the Resident.
  • Share: Give an inventory items to the Resident.