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Shows your landmarks in these sections:

Favorites bar   Landmarks in your favorites bar.
Landmarks   Landmarks created and saved to your Landmarks folder.
My Inventory   Landmarks in inventory folders.
Library   Default landmarks shared by every Second Life Resident.

Click and to toggle each section.

Double-click a landmark ( ) to teleport.


Right click on a landmark or select it then click to access these options:

Teleport   Teleports your avatar to the selected landmark; confirmation appears the first time.
More Information   Opens the landmark tab for a selected landmark.
Show on Map   Shows the landmark on the World Map.
Add Landmark   Opens the Create Landmark tab.
Add Folder   Creates a new folder in the Landmarks section of My Landmarks.
Cut   Cuts the landmark and places it on your clipboard.
Copy Landmark   Copies the landmark and places it on your clipboard.
Copy SLurl   Copies your landmark's SLurl to the clipboard.
Paste   Pastes a cut or copied landmark into the currently-selected folder.
Rename   Changes the landmark's name.
Delete   Deletes the landmark.
Expand all folders   Shows all landmark folders' contents.
Collapse all folders   Hides all landmark folders' contents.
Sort by Date   Sorts landmarks by reverse-chronological creation date.
Create Pick   Opens Edit Pick tab to edit and save the landmark to your PICKS tab.

More options

  Opens the Create Landmark tab; same as Add Landmark above.
  Select a landmark, then click the to delete it.
Teleport   Teleports to a selected landmark; same as double-clicking a landmark.
Map   Shows the selected landmark on the World Map.