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Sets preferences for how you view and move around in Second Life.

View angle

  Move the slider to the left to zoom in or to the right to zoom out.

  Move the slider to the left for a closer view distance or to the right for a wider view.

Automatic position for

Build/Edit   Check to make your view to automatically zoom in on the object you're building or editing.
Appearance   Check to see yourself from the front while editing your appearance.
Sidebar   Check to keep the sidebar from overlapping your current view; instead, your view shifts over to the left.
Show me in Mouselook

  Check to see your avatar's body in mouselook mode.
Mouselook mouse sensitivity

  Controls mouselook options:
  • Move the slider to control the sensitivity of your mouse movement when in mouselook.
  • Invert - Select this to invert the way your view changes when you move your mouse in mouselook.
Arrow keys always move me

  Check to make arrow key move your avatar, even when typing in chat.
Tap-tap-hold to run

  Check to run when you tap-tap-hold a keyboard movement key, for example .
Double-Click to

  Check to double-click inworld to move to that location. Control how you move there with:
  • Teleport - Select this to teleport to the double-click location.
  • Auto-pilot - Select this to walk or fly to the double-click location.