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Diagnostic tools to help you solve lag and other problems.

Disable Scripts

Disable Collisions Disable Physics

  Only change these when you're troubleshooting an issue with scripts, collisions, or physics. Check one or more, then click Apply. Use them in conjunction with Get Top Colliders and Get Top Scripts below. Note that disabling physics freezes all avatars too; no one can move while physics are off.
Object Return

  Used to return objects owned by a single Resident. Used in griefing situations but be extremely careful because if you target the wrong person, there's no undo.
  1. Click Choose to choose a Resident.
  2. Select options as-needed:
    • With scripts - Only targets scripted objects.
    • On someone else's land - Targets objects on parcels owned by Residents other than you.
    • In every region of this estate - Useful if someone's littered many objects across multiple regions you own and you want to clean them up in a single pass.
  3. Click Return.
  4. You're asked to confirm. Click OK.
Get Top Colliders

Get Top Scripts

  Opens the Top Colliders and Top Scripts window.
Restart Region

  Click to restart the region in 2 minutes. Sometimes, a restart resolves performance issues.
Delay Restart

  Delays the region restart by one hour. Use this as a temporary measure if there's an ongoing rolling restart but it's essential for you to get something done first, such as hosting an event.