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Allows the estate owner and managers to control estate-wide settings, including who can enter.

Use Global Time

  Sets the estate's regions to use the same time as the mainland.
Fixed Sun

  Check this and adjust the Phase slider to make the time of day always stay the same. Can be overriden on a per-region level in the Terrain tab.
Allow Public Access

  Lets any Resident enter without having to be on an access list. You can also restrict access based on Payment Information on File or Age Verification.
Allow Voice Chat

  Allows Residents to communicate in public voice chat.
Allow Direct Teleport

  Lets Residents teleport to specific locations within your estate's regions. If you want to force visitors to arrive at a specific area in the estate, disable this and use a telehub. See Estate and Private Region Telehubs and Direct Teleport.

  Confirms changes made above.
Send Message To Estate

  Notifies every Resident in the estate. For example, a heads-up that you're about to disable public access and begin an exclusive shopping event.
Kick User From Estate

  Opens Choose Resident so you can eject a disruptive Resident from the estate. In order to prevent them from returning, you need to add them to the Banned residents list in this tab.

Access lists

Each of these works the same basic way:

Estate Managers

  An estate can have only one owner but up to ten estate managers. Only the estate owner can change this list, and since estate managers have great power, trust who you add.
Allowed Residents

  Controls which individual Residents can enter your estate if Allow Public Access is disabled.
Allowed groups

  Controls which groups can enter your estate if Allow Public Access is disabled.
Banned residents

  Controls which Residents can't enter your estate, regardless of other settings. Commonly used to block griefers.

  Click this to open Choose Resident and add a person to the list. You're asked to confirm whether you want to add this entry for This Estate or All Estates.

  Select a name in a list and click Remove. You're asked to confirm whether you want to remove this entry for This Estate or All Estates.