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Make the desired changes, then click OK to set the preferences or Cancel to exit without changing your preferences.

Spell Checking Settings

With Spell Checking enabled, words that you enter in chat or Notecard editors are checked for correct spelling against one or more dictionaries you select.

When a word may be misspelled, a squiggly red line is drawn under it. If you right click on an underlined word, a menu of possible corrections is displayed, along with the option to save the word as correct so that it will not be underlined in the future.

Enable Spell Checker

  Turn Spell Checking on or off.
Main dictionary

  You must select a dictionary using this menu if Spell Checking is enabled.

You may specify additional dictionaries by moving them from the Available list to the Active list (or disable them by moving them back) using the right and left arrow controls between the lists.


  A list of dictionaries on your system but not in use.

  A list of dictionaries that are checked after the main dictionary.

  Delete the currently selected dictionary from the Available list (only dictionaries you have imported may be removed; the default dictionaries supplied with the viewer cannot be removed).

  Add a new dictionary to your settings. See for information on how to find and import new dictionaries.

All changes in this dialog are effective immediately.