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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

The purpose of the Mentor Fleebie Market (our affectionate name for this freebie store) is a resource for the Second Life Mentors. Items to be placed in the category shops should be items to share with other Mentors so they can give them out to residents or to aid in the process of mentoring. http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL%20Volunteer%20Island%20S/212/42/22

Categories are not set in stone and we are open to all suggestions! An area specifically for the very newest residents will be set aside as well. We see this area for items to be worn or attached to the avatar. Something that doesn’t need to be rezzed (since they can’t do that on an Orientation Island anyway, but should be set to appear in the new residents inventory as a folder plainly titled as to what it is Ex: Yellow shoes-right click to wear, Red sunglasses –right click to wear or something similar.)


  1. Copy/Transfer permissions set for each item. Items made by Mentors are preferred.
  2. Item should be placed within a box with a photo texture of the item set on the face of the box. In case the item isn't possible to display (like Landmarks for example), please provide a description on the texture instead. To help reduce lag, we suggest images used for boxes be 512x512 or smaller.
  3. Boxed item should be placed on a shelf in the category shop and in the showcase display. (See the showcase area guidelines below.)
  4. It is suggested that all items be original builds not found in other freebie stores or shops. For example: "Complete Avatar in a Box" or "Complete Kitchen in a Box." (However, business in a box is discouraged.) In other words, you can consider a build "original" if you built it or designed it.
  5. All Items must respect the creator's (or creators') intellectual and real property rights. Items not made by Mentors should have specific permission from the creator of the item being offered as a “freebie” item (regardless of the item’s permissions). Please obtain the permissions in notecard form by the creator of the items. A notecard with permissions must be written from the creator and put in the contents with the item. If you do not know or cannot obtain permissions, please do NOT use the item as freebie items.
  6. Each item should have a notecard stating the following:

Welcome to Second Life!
The Second Life Mentor group hopes you enjoy this free item. We would like to know if giving out items like this was helpful to you. Please take the time to go to this link and take a short survey to let us know!
Thank You!
Second Life Mentor group


  1. Once a Month, an announcement will be made on the Vteam blog that Items may be placed in the showcase area and all previous items will be returned.
  2. When placing an item in the showcase, also please place a duplicate of that item in the category shop (these will not be removed). Please do not place the same item in the showcase again. We want all showcase items to be new every month.
  3. Items must be packaged as stated above and meet the above guidelines.
  4. Showcase items will be returned at the end of each month by the Vteam to make room for new showcase items.

This freebie area is for the use of the Second Life Mentors. Please keep it neat and pick up any boxes not in the category areas.