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As a Second Life [[Resident]], '''you have a profile that you can customize to share more about yourself'''. It's opt-in and can be a lot of fun to fill out. Why bother? Many fellow Residents surf profiles, and if you're open to making new friends, a completed profile makes you a much more fascinating person to get in touch with.
The following video shows an earlier version of web profiles, so some of the controls have changed:
: {{KBvideo|-FeltQk3c-o|640|385|type=youtube}}
== There are different paths to view and edit your profile ==
Depending on what you prefer, you can view your profile on the web:
# Go to [https://my.secondlife.com/ my.secondlife.com] and click '''Log In'''.
# Login with your username and password. Your profile appears.
In the Viewer:
# Select '''Me''' menu > '''My Profile'''.
# Right-click your avatar and select '''My Profile'''.
# In the sidebar, click the '''My Profile''' button, then click the '''Profile''' button.
On both the web and in the Viewer, you can click the '''Edit Profile''' button to start customizing.
==  Fill out your profile to show off your personality ==
If you've never touched your profile before, you'll see a new Profile Completeness meter. Similar to that found on other sites like [http://www.okcupid.com/ OKCupid], this little cue encourages you to tell others more about yourself so you have a better chance of making new friends in Second Life. Simply click each of the links to be taken to what you can do.
A clarification: despite the wording of '''Upload a Real Life Profile Picture''', you don't have to reveal your "first life" face. You could upload your cat, or if your cat is concerned about her privacy, upload your fave fruit. Mine's watermelon. Really, this and everything else is entirely optional if you want to remain private. Speaking of...
== Combined privacy settings let you hide from the world ==
* When you view your profile on the web, click your username > '''[https://my.secondlife.com/settings/privacy Privacy Settings]'''.
* When you view your profile in the Viewer, click the '''Privacy Settings''' link at the top. Earlier details are in [http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2011/02/10/viewer-25-with-web-profiles-has-arrived#comments Q's post].
As of 2011-05-18, you can set privacy for each of these to be viewable by '''Everyone''', '''Second Life''', or '''Friends''':
* '''About Me'''
* '''Real World'''
* '''Interests'''
* '''Groups'''
* '''Picks'''
{{KBtip|This is where the "Hide your groups from other people" option went. Hiding picks is new.}}
If you want to make your profile the most restrictive, privacy-wise, set everything to '''Friends'''. Changes should take place instantly. (You don't need to click a separate save button.)
== Social identities extend your profile to the web ==
Features like this always raise eyebrows, so let me inform you of your powers without coming off as a totally condescending cheerleader: ''this is completely opt-in''. Like just about everything about your profile; people can only learn what you've voluntarily supplied. If you don't give two @#$%s worth about a book of faces or a certain blue bird, you don't have to use this at all. If you do want to promote your other online identities:
# When viewing your profile, click '''Edit Profile''' button.
# Scroll down.
# Under '''Social Identities''', select a site from the dropdown and click Add. Each option asks for confirmation from the site using their authentication system.
There's a trash can '''Remove''' button next to each entry if you ever do want to opt out.
'''Yes, if you have multiple Second Life accounts you want to have hooked up to a single account on a social site, you can do that.''' (I have Torley Linden and an alt connected to [http://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/collections/72157622534500911/ my Flickr], which is chock-full of my SL adventures!)
Aggregating identity is becoming pretty common nowadays; there are even certain sites where that's the focus, like [https://about.me/ about.me]. Again, it's up to you to share what you're comfy with. Be informed of your rights, and that goes for other sites like [http://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation.php Facebook's Privacy Guide].
== Some hyperlinks get automatically detected ==
As you may have already seen when editing your profile, you can provide a home page. But what if that isn't enough? Type in something beginning with "<code>http://</code>" and it gets recognized as a hyperlink. Some domain conventions, like a link beginning with "<code>www.</code>", is also detected. For example, "<code>www.secondlife.com</code>" is recognized, but alas, "<code>secondlife.com</code>" isn't.
== Profile icons in the People sidebar ==
Looks like this, click it to see their profile without having to right-click or go through another menu:
== How do I grant permission to a friend to see when I'm online/see me on the map/edit my objects? ==
What are you trying to do, turn this into a FAQ? Oh...
This is another thing that's moved from the sidebar to web profiles:
# Click the '''People''' sidebar tab.
# Hover over the friend who you want to enable/disable permissions for and click the profile icon as shown above.
# Click '''Actions''' and select '''Set Privacy'''.
Here, you can set what you want and click '''Save'''.
Sorry, there isn't a batch mode for this (some of you oldtimers wistfully remember when you could, like, change 20 at a time). But I agree it'd be useful to have an overview instead of having to hunt each one down, and if you feel this generally works too slowly compared to "the old way", [https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3639 see this bug].
==  You can upload images with non-square aspect ratios ==
(Without being squashed.)
Longtime constant readers will recall my many gripes with different in-Viewer [[Texture_aspect_ratios|aspect ratio]] sizes. Since these profiles are web-based, that dependency has been removed — although, yes, their in-Viewer usage still appears inconsistent.
After you click '''Edit Profile''', you can click '''Choose File''' to select an image from your hard drive. Web-standard formats are supported — which means no TGA, which may be jarring for you used to uploading those into the Viewer, but there are free image converters like [http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm FastStone Image Viewer].
Images will initially display square so you'll prolly want to have the focus of attention be in the center, but you can click a web profile image to zoom in and have a closer look. Like those forensic crime shows, ''"ENHANCE!"''
== Real Linden Lab employee profiles have a special icon ==
While display names don't mark the first time some unscrupulous jerks have tried to impersonate real Lindens, I have seen a lot of concerns to that effect. And while we've blacklisted many inappropriate display names, it's also useful to know what can't be faked. Case in point: '''every real Linden has the following icon in their profile''', so even if they've changed their display name to something lucidly colorful, they're the real deal:
Also worth noting: some of you have mentioned a similar thing should be done for Scouts, who ''are'' official support belonging to [http://startek.com/ StarTek] in a partnership with Linden Lab. Sadly right now, their profiles confusingly show "Resident", but look at their username for the lowdown:
== Web links can be opened in-Viewer ==
Upon clicking an external link in a profile, you'll likely see "A pop-up was prevented from opening." You can choose whether clicking '''Open pop-up window''' opens it in the in-Viewer browser or an external browser:
# Select '''Me''' menu > '''Preferences'''.
# Click '''Setup''' tab.
# Select either '''Use my browser''' or '''Use built-in browser'''.
# Click '''OK''' to save.

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