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WindLight is the codename for Second Life's atmospheric rendering system that enhances skies, lighting, and other graphical aspects of the environment. "WindLight" is commonly used by Residents to refer to photographs and machinima that include such effects.


  • Environment Editor This page is specifically for information on how to create and edit preset for Windlight. The information is from 2009 and refers specifically to an older version of the Second Life Viewer, none the less, the Windlight feature is still the same in the current version with one slight difference. The color picker for the new Viewer uses a pop-up menu for selecting colors rather than the slider bar. Other than that, all the information is accurate, applicable and ever helpful in understanding this exciting feature.
  • WindLight Settings- This page is specifically and only for information regarding how to download, install and use a variety of resident created Windlight preset settings.
  • Windlight Region Settings Project Viewer - June 2011
KBnote.png Note: For historical information, see History/WindLight,