Winterfest 2010

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What is Winterfest?

Hosted on the Global Online Hockey Association’s (GOHA) six wintry regions, and featuring activities and events put on by numerous communities from around Second Life, Winterfest offers plenty to do, see, and pummel with snowballs. Whether you like snowboarding, playing hockey, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, ice skating, scavenger hunts, winter carnival rides or simply listening to some live music, you’ll find just what you’re looking for to get you in the spirit of the season.


Events Open All Day, All Week

Special Events Scheduled & Hosted Through the Week

Friday, December 10th

Saturday, December 11th

Sunday, December 12th

Monday, December 13th

Tuesday, December 14th

Wednesday, December 15th

Thursday, December 16th

Friday, December 17th

Saturday, December 18th

Special Thanks

Winterfest Organizers and Contributors

The week-long Winterfest event would not have been possible without the fabulous people from the Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA), who generously hosted the activities on their six regions. In particular, we’d like to thank the following Winterfest organizers:

  • Jack Belvedere
  • Katia Ixtab
  • Ashlene McMinnar
  • Marjan Tomba
  • Dyz Warburton
  • Kalita Magic
  • Tangle Giano
  • Lobo Rodriquez
  • Janieke Blanchard
  • Anhayla Lycia
  • Merrik Caproni
  • Marjan Tomba (for the popular new ski jump)
  • Lancelot Skytower (for the fantastic balloon tours across the sims)
  • The Puckettes cheerleaders and manager Kayden Piers
  • The entire GOHA community for your support

Musicians, DJs, and Media

  • Mankind Tracer
  • Noma Falta
  • Guitar Zane
  • Andreus Gustafson
  • The Follow
  • Reggie Sunset
  • Jimmyt49 Dukes
  • CCTV Giant
  • Tamra Sands
  • XanderNichting Writer
  • Skye Galaxy
  • Jean Munro
  • Keiko Takamura
  • Phemie Alcott
  • CraigLyons Writer
  • TwinGhost Ronas
  • Louis Volare
  • Dann Numbers
  • Lance Rembrandt
  • Buckley Moonwall
  • Maximillion Kleene
  • David Csiszer
  • Mimi Carpenter
  • Edward Kyomoon
  • Ashlene McMinnar and Merrik Caproni
  • DJ Mac Ronas from The Underground
  • TreetTV


  • Blondin Linden
  • Courtney Linden
  • Delby Linden
  • Michael Linden
  • Torley Linden
  • And thanks to all of the Lindens who came out for the snowball fight!