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NOTE: The set of possible container widgets in the following table is not complete.

Widget Container widget Description
button panel, layout_panel Button widget
check_box panel Check box widget
color_swatch panel Container for other widgets
column row For layout
combo_box floater Combo-box (drop-down selection) widget
combo_item combo_box
floater N/A (top-level) A free-floating window within the Viewer UI.
flyout_button panel
icon panel Displays a graphical icon image.
inventory_panel tab_container
layout_stack panel
layout_panel layout_stack, panel
line_editor panel
locate panel
menu menu_bar An drop-down menu (e.g. File)
menu_bar panel Set of menus arranged in a horizontal bar
menu_item_call menu An individual menu item (e.g. Open on the File menu)
menu_item_check menu
menu_item_separator menu Horizontal line between menu items
multi_floater N/A (top-level)
multi_slider panel See example in Day Cycle Editor.
name_list panel Displays a list of Resident names.
on_check menu_item_check Function to call when menu item is checked.
on_click menu_item_call Function to call when menu item is clicked.
on_enable menu_item_call Function to call when menu item is enabled.
panel floater, layout_panel Contains other widgets.
progress_bar panel, layout_panel Progress bar widget.
radio_group panel, layout_panel Group of radio buttons, of which only one can be selected.
radio_item radio_group Single radio button in a radio group.
row scroll_list
scroll_container panel, layout_panel
scroll_list panel, layout_panel
search_editor panel See World Map (floater_world_map.xml) for example.
slider panel Slider widget
slider_bar panel
spinner panel
string panel Defines a text string to be displayed.
tab_container panel
texture_picker panel Texture picker widget.
text panel, layout_panel
text_editor panel
view_border panel Specifies border for container panel.
web_browser panel, layout_panel The built-in Webkit-based web browser.