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Zindra User Tips: This page is for tips to help Zindra land owners, merchants, and visitors. Log in and make you additions or changes.

Destination Guide

Adult Content Regions are now (9/2011) permissible in the SL Destination Guide. See the Destination Guide FAQ for information on adding your location to the guide.

Check the Adult Only Destination Guide for current destinations in the guide.

If you have problems getting your destination entered into the guide contact: DG Editor.


Zindra now has premium sandboxes. There are four adjacent regions making up a large adult content sandbox.

  1. Sandbox Bicker
  2. Sandbox Colborne
  3. Sandbox Goyer
  4. Sandbox Teagano

Zindra also has a public adult content sandbox at Zindra Vortex.

Welcome Areas

Planning is in progress to change the welcome areas. For now visit: Arapaima or Zindra See the Zindra page for more information about the Adult Content Continent.

Related Blogs

Name Link Coverage Date Comments
Nalates Things & Stuff SL Tech News w/AC Coverage 2011-09-26 Uses a simplified technical style of coverage to alert residents to changes, new features, and interesting stuff. Includes news on Adult Content happenings.
Zindra Projects and Proposals for a healthy Adult SL and adult mainland 2011-09-26 presented by the Zindra Expo group
Zindra Photos images from all over Zindra 2011-09-26 presented by photographer Zada Bury
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Related Groups

In World

  1. Adult Community Education Society Founded 12/06/09, ACES exists to provide and promote learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of sexual identity, race, species, or lifestyle. We build support systems, provide resources, encourage networking, empowerment, and growth regardless of SIM or group affiliation. Age restricted 18+ years please. Group Event Calendar
  2. Restrained Love Support Group This group is for those who are using (or wish to use) the Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) and have Questions, Comments or Concerns. They are not officially associated with any RLV supplier but do strive to offer support and advise to those using items that work with the RLV.
  3. Zindra Alliance A group for land owners, business people, and residents in Zindra. It is intended to be the bridge group between SL users and Linden Lab staff. This group meets each Sunday at 12:00 Noon PT/SLT in Brolen. Join the group for meeting announcements. The group also operates the Zindra Directory where group members can list their Services, Products, Event Scenes and Non-Profit items both in-world and on the Internet.
  4. Zindra Expo group (official link) LL's official group to plan / develop projects for Zindra / Adult SL Zindra Expo group FAQs ZE is the central communication group for Zindrans, Adult Estate Owners and anyone else interested in a healthy Adult SL. ZE emphasizes the creation of positive proposals to affect real dynamic change, to attract and retain residents, to provide innovative Marketing programs to boost the image of Adult SL, and to uphold a tradition of fair, neutral and inclusive policies.
  5. Zindra Maps

Out World

Eye On Zindra: Artistic Photography on Zindra: database of SL photographers, special photo programs

Flickr Group: Exploring Zindra - Membership Rules - SL Mature rated photos.

Zindra Business: current proposals, approved programs and articles from the Zindra Expo group