Cardiac Electrical Activity

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This work is done by Kira Komarov and Lazaros Papadopoulos (DDS, MSc Medical Informatics) and thereby signed [WaS-K]-LP based on the Wizardry and Steamworks/GEP Group Identifier Syntax. The Cardiac Electrical Activity Simulator (CEAS) is based on an article called A Probabilisic Model of Cardiac Electrical Activity Based on a Cellular Automata System by Felipe Alonso Atienza et al. [1] and tries to expand on the probabilistic model by implementing a third polarising state a (DFA) we discussed previously which you can read on the Wizardry and Steamworks/State Machines page.


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The simulator will be updated upon publication. For now, we have put up a working demo that should illustrate most of the functions of the CEAS. It is currently available on marketplace at the following link:


As of 1st of October 2012 an article has been submitted for review and expected to be published in the upcoming issue of Journal of Medical Internet Research. The content has been removed and will be restored after publication along with a copy of the article. For the impatient, please use the History button above for a preview.


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